STRIDE is a program of the Michigan Health Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building health professional capacity by offering innovative products and services across six domains of work


The resources you need for your STRIDE experience

STRIDE exists to connect students to job shadowing experiences. Each experience is an opportunity to develop a student's vision of their future career in healthcare.


STRIDE has had proven success with connecting students with SEAL! Michigan, a statewide oral health program that provides dental screenings and sealants to students across the state of Michigan. Students have had the opportunity to shadow and assist a SEAL! Michigan dental professional 1-2 times per school year.

Going forward, the Michigan Health Council is committed to building the healthcare professional pipeline by providing job shadow opportunities in the many health related areas. Even if you're not sure if you would like to be a health professional, STRIDE is a tool for you to foster professional conversation and develop networking skills, while investing time in the health of your community. If you have interest in job shadowing opportunities in health care--LET'S TALK. 

Please contact us to get started with the STRIDE program in your county!


Already part of a STRIDE program? Here are some resources you may need:


"It was an awesome experience! I got to see how it is when you work with a patient in real life and not just on a mannequin head. It's not as easy as you think, but that didn't effect how I felt about the job. I loved every minute of it."