STRIDE is a program of the Michigan Health Council, a nonprofit organization dedicated to building health professional capacity by offering innovative products and services across six domains of work


Creating Meaningful Shadowing Experiences

STRIDE exists to connect students to job shadowing experiences. Each experience is an opportunity to develop a student's vision of their future career in healthcare.


STRIDE provides opportunities for high school students to immerse themselves in professional experiences where they have the opportunity to observe, communicate, and assist healthcare professionals.

Imagine being able to "try on" a health care career interest for the right size and fit before heading off to college. High School students that participate with STRIDE go above and beyond to learn about health professions before they've even graduated so they are better prepared to make career planning choices. Job shadowing can give them an experience to reference in a job interview, show future employers that they took initiative, and help students to build a professional network.

What is a job shadow?

A job shadow is an opportunity for a student to have a one-on-one experience with a professional in their career of interest. Professionals share their work day with a student providing a first-hand experience of a typical day on the job and while discussing the skills necessary to be successful in the field.  


What are the goals of a job shadow?

Each volunteer professional will provide a unique experience. Goals of a job shadow include:  

  • Educate students about their career of interest  

  • Provide a first-hand experience for the student to learn about a typical day on the job, challenges and accomplishments in the specific career field

  • Describe the skills needed and what it takes to be a success in the field

  • Provide an opportunity for students to ask questions to further their career exploration.


What does a good job shadow look like?

A good job shadow is engaging, stimulating and informative. Job shadows should provide students with a deeper understanding of a specific career field. A great job shadow will result in a mentor-ship and networking program that will help strengthen the professional workforce pipeline.


"It was an awesome experience! I got to see how it is when you work with a patient in real life and not just on a mannequin head. It's not as easy as you think, but that didn't effect how I felt about the job. I loved every minute of it."